NCAA Division III Track & Field Team Dual Meet Rankings

Week of January 28, 2014

Explanation of the points.

Where's my school? Programs must be a member of the US Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association to be eligible for the rankings. You can check your membership status here. In addition, a member of that program's coaching staff has to submit the rankings.

Men's Indoor Track

Rank School Region Points
1.Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyNew England176.04
2.Augustana College (Illinois)Midwest152.54
3.The College of New JerseyAtlantic151.79
4.SUNY FredoniaAtlantic147.59
5.Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteAtlantic143.13
6.Wabash CollegeGreat Lakes142.85
7.Christopher Newport UniversitySouth140.53
8.Washington University (Missouri)Midwest139.49
9.Ohio Wesleyan UniversityGreat Lakes138.34
10.SUNY BrockportAtlantic136.51
11.Rose-Hulman Institute of TechnologyGreat Lakes135.00
12.Williams CollegeNew England125.60
13.University of Wisconsin, StoutMidwest125.54
14.Monmouth College (Illinois)Midwest121.66
15.Carnegie Mellon UniversityMideast117.41
16.Pennsylvania State Univ. Erie, the Behrend CollegeMideast115.69
17.Frostburg State UniversityMideast115.66
18.Washington and Lee UniversitySouth114.42
19.Keystone CollegeMideast112.58
20.Bridgewater College (Virginia)South108.12
21.Denison UniversityGreat Lakes105.80
22.Shenandoah UniversitySouth103.44
23.Ohio Northern UniversityGreat Lakes101.44
24.St. Norbert CollegeMidwest95.29
25.Whitworth UniversityWest90.84
26.Franklin CollegeGreat Lakes85.13
27.Concordia University (Wisconsin)Midwest79.57
28.Defiance CollegeGreat Lakes70.73
29.Richard Stockton College of New JerseyAtlantic67.24

Women's Indoor Track

Rank School Region Points
1.Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyNew England177.56
2.St. Lawrence UniversityAtlantic151.23
3.Ithaca CollegeAtlantic146.40
4.Augustana College (Illinois)Midwest141.51
5.University of Wisconsin, Stevens PointMidwest140.80
6.Williams CollegeNew England138.24
7.SUNY FredoniaAtlantic135.34
8.Ohio Wesleyan UniversityGreat Lakes133.67
9.Washington University (Missouri)Midwest129.17
10.Christopher Newport UniversitySouth125.48
11.University of Wisconsin, StoutMidwest122.62
12.SUNY BrockportAtlantic118.12
13.The College of New JerseyAtlantic117.53
14.Aurora UniversityMidwest113.52
15.Washington and Lee UniversitySouth110.24
16.Ohio Northern UniversityGreat Lakes104.21
17.Defiance CollegeGreat Lakes103.41
18.Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteAtlantic94.79
19.Carnegie Mellon UniversityMideast91.79
20.Bridgewater College (Virginia)South88.00
21.Denison UniversityGreat Lakes84.96
22.Whitworth UniversityWest84.95
23.Pennsylvania State Univ. Erie, the Behrend CollegeMideast82.51
24.Keystone CollegeMideast74.55
25.Richard Stockton College of New JerseyAtlantic71.89
26.Frostburg State UniversityMideast71.01
27.Franklin CollegeGreat Lakes60.76
28.Shenandoah UniversitySouth54.85
29.Concordia University (Wisconsin)Midwest46.72